Risk management

Analysis: our know-how enables you to see through on your financial issues.

Whether you have a specific problem to solve or are in need of a clear overview on all of your financial issues, RMG provides you with its financial expertise and technical means to establish an objective picture of the situation.

Our analysis allows you to have a clear and detailed view of your financial profile. On this basis, we can plan together the foundations of a sound financial risk management and long term collaboration.


Advisory: relationships with our customers are built on time and trust.

Because you cannot be on all fronts at the same time, because your issues are unique, because solutions are becoming more and more complex, because your environment is constantly changing ... RMG offers an ongoing support at all stages of your financial risk management.

Our method is based on four stages: Analysis, Strategy, Recommendations, Ongoing support 


Structuring: we have no out-of-the-box solutions: Each client is different. 

RMG proposes concrete and effective solutions to secure and optimise your portfolio, either through the implementation of new hedging transactions or restructuring of existing transactions. The use of financial instruments enables RMG to design tailored solutions.

RMG provides you with clear and accurate information on the advantages and disadvantages of each proposal including a detailed risk analysis.

RMG assists you in negotiating with the major market participants to ensure an execution in the best market conditions.

Risk management is your responsibility: RMG identifies the best opportunities at the right time. You become an active part of your financial management: you anticipate and actively manage your risk.


Reporting: we help you track the evolution of your financial profile.

The daily professional challenges you face, as well as market fluctuations can distract you from your goal. Whether you are treasurer, CFO, board member, asset manager or auditor, we provide you with the information you require to make the right decisions: financial@nalyst. 


More than just an advisor, RMG is a partner who puts you in control of your decision-making.